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‘Someone Special’ | Dryanovo | Bulgaria
Posted in: 2010, 3x2, Bulgaria, Dryanovo, Europe, Portraits, Street

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I decided to go for a photo-walk, and took the road to Dryanovo alone, its about a 4km walk by all accounts and took me an hour or so. I walked towards the sound of voices, and found myself in amongst the action in the Town Square on a day when I had said that some ‘street’ portraits were on the agenda. I wanted to get some people pics in amongst the Urbex shots and the still life that I had shot over the days prior. Dave was busy at home today, and so I took the opportunity to shoot alone for a few hours. Unbeknown to me today was Dryanovos most special day of the year. A celebration of the architect Kolyu Ficheto that built the town, and today was extra special , as the cardinal of the Southern regions of Bulgaria was present in the town, opening the New Museum and giving it his blessing. I was squeezed in amongst the hustle and bustle of excited Towns folk at the entrance to the new museum, when all of a sudden the crowds parted, all eyes fell on me, and someone shouted out “Photographer”. It all went silent for a few seconds when I realized that it was I that was being called to take the official photos, I was ushered into the museum by the Mayors PR assistant, who had assumed that I was official PRESS, I was literally shooting under the cardinals nose, and had a few great opportunities to shoot. Not the greatest light though, and I was without my 580 EXII having assumed that I was going to be shooting outside all day, but I made the most of the opportunity and shot what I could. It was one of those fantastic photographic moments, that could only happen in a small provincial town in Bulgaria. A moment I will never forget…..

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