A graduate of the University of Hertfordshire, I originally excelled in the film industry working as a model-maker, prop-master and sculptor in films as diverse as Lost in space, Reign of Fire, The Hours, V for Vendetta, Phantom of the Opera, Twelve Monkeys, Harry Potter and most recently Clash of the Titans. In 1999 I was commissioned the now award winning Sir Alfred Ramsey statue, which was to bring critical acclaim and a new direction in my career.

Now working from within an old RAF base cinema deep in the beautiful and tranquil Suffolk country-side and with a young family, this new direction over the last 10 years has become the most rewarding and satisfying of my professional career.
Primarily working in clay and casting in bronze I now thrive to achieve quality figurative tribute statues for the public or private domain. I like to create statues that portray not just a likeness of whom they are intended but that also capture their character, and personality.

I believe a true likeness cannot be achieved by accurate facial features alone so it is always my intention to express the intended subject’s presence by sculpting them as a whole. It is vital to me personally to capture this wholeness in my sculpts and it is a challenge in which I enjoy rising too.
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